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//ask box tempararily closed//

Quotev, Quotev, you're so awesome. There's blogs for the directioners, Blogs for the original writers, but, what about the Otakus?

Welp, here's that blog, too.

Go to ask, and give me a username and what you like about your favorite anime quotev writer or inspiration!

Please, don't just put the same person over and over. Everyone deserves one, not just one person!

hi guys!

small request: please don’t send in any requests through fan mail right now, because i have the ask closed for a reason. there are so many request and i’m trying to get through them, but i can’t when you keep sending them in ^^;


This isn’t first time this has happened, guys.

I’m 100% sure that everything will be back to normal soon, so calm down

There’s been worse quotev-blackouts before.